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“And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, HELPS, administrations, varieties of tongues.” –I. Cor. 12:28 (NKJV)

Helps means “one who gives assistance.” “The ministry of helps is a supernatural ministry set in a church by God to help bring to pass the vision or goal God gave the pastor” (Bell, B., 1990, p. 75). Thus, we believe that every member is placed in the church for a purpose. The member should seek God as to how their particular gift, talent and ability can be used to assist the pastor and to help bring the vision to pass.

Covenant Christian Ministries Church of Marietta, GA, has a dynamic Helps Ministry, which facilitates the overall operation of the ministry at large. 

• Altar Ministry – Minister to persons responding to various altar calls, which include: salvation, rededication, baptism of the Holy Ghost and membership.

• Audio / Visual – Responsible for microphones and sound system during all CCM functions; film services; etc. (knowledge of /desire to learn technical aspects needed).

• Baptism / Communion – Attend to all material and personal needs of the baptism candidates and aid in the orderly flow of service, by preparing the materials needed for the service of communion.

• Bookstore – Oversee selling of books, duplication and selling of CDs/DVDs, and other items in the bookstore.

• Drama – Utilize theatrical talents to promote the gospel message through drama.

• Facilities – Assists with the planning and development of new building and property projects.

• Finance – Count and record monies coming into CCM at each service or special event.

• Greeters – For ladies only; minister to guests/members as they arrive for various events; also aid little ones to and from restroom.

• Hospitality – Prepare/serve food for special functions, provide hospitality for special guests/ministry gifts; other duties as assigned.

• Information Technology – Install, maintain, and troubleshoot various systems (e.g., computer, telephone); maintain church/school website.

• Music Ministry – Minister in worship and praise; choir, musicians, praise team, youth and teen choir.

• Nursery – Provide care for children during church services or selected events. Age groups include: Ages 0-1 year, Ages 2-5 years, and Ages 6 & 7 years.

Ages 0 – 1 year – Providing for the basic needs of infants in a pleasant and Christian environment

Ages 2 -3 years – Sharing Bible principles through games, songs, and art projects

Ages 4 -5 years – Helping children understand Biblical concepts, on their level, by using prepared lesson plans, games, and projects

Ages 6 – 9 years – Teaching children Bible stories, scriptures, and principles by using prepared lesson plans, and other fun and creative tools

• Personal Care Ministry – Minister to the needs of the congregation by assisting with the following: checking on senior congregants and health challenged, ministering to the bereaved, conducting follow-ups of new members and MIA’s (24 hr. prayer line, eventually).

• Physical Fitness Ministry – Organize various fitness and sports activities for CCM members. Must be able to encourage and motivate. (Area growing into various league activities)

• Publication Team – Prepare newsletters, advertising, CD/DVD covers, banners, brochures, flyers, books and all printed materials; take notes at all services.

• Special Projects – Plan special functions (e.g. church banquet, field days, NM receptions); operate Courtesy Table (event registration, information, money collection).

• Ushers – For men only; serve as parking attendants; police the sanctuary; direct traffic inside the sanctuary; open/close the facility for events; other duties as assigned.

• Youth Ministry – Youth teachers and youth workers; must have the call of God on their lives to work with children and be able to minister to children on their level; must have a strong Bible base in order to be an effective teacher.


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